20 Free Movie Websites To Watch Movies Online

Who doesn’t love to watch movies? Movies are considered as one of the best forms of entertainment. The best part about movies is that you can watch them with your family, with your children and with your partner. Now you can burn a hole in your pocket and go to a multiplex to enjoy a movie or you can watch the same movie for free at home. If you enough patience, you can start downloading the movie and wait till the movie is downloaded. However, if you are in no mood of waiting or spending money, you can visit some free movie streaming sites. These sites offer a great quality movies and feature a huge database to choose from.

There are many advantages of watching movies on free movie websites as you get a large range of movies to choose from. After spending hours on the internet and checking all the major websites, we have curated a fine list of top 20 free movie streaming websites. All these websites are completely free to use and don’t require any signup or card details.

Top 20 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Latest Movies Online


youtube movies

No list of videos or movies is complete without the mention of YouTube. YouTube is one of the most widely used and popular free movies and videos streaming site. It offers all types of movies in all major genre. The best part about YouTube is that you can choose the quality in which you want to stream the movie depending on your internet connection. You can increase or decrease the speed of the movie and if you wish, YouTube also offers subtitles in selected movies. With the Likes, Dislikes and Views feature, you can also get an idea on whether to watch the movie or not.

My Download Tube

my download tube

My Download Tube is a new player in the game and is slowly gaining a lot of popularity. It has good quality movies and the database is regularly updated. The best part about this free movie streaming site is that there is no need to register. You just need to visit the site, choose the movie you wish to watch and click on it. You can also watch the trailer of the movie before streaming it completely. Another great feature of this website is that it offers a short synopsis, IMDB Rating, Length of the movie, Genre, Cast, and director so that you get to know all the information regarding the movie.



PutLockers8 is yet another great website to watch movies online which allows you to stream movies for free without any registration. The site has a big database and thanks to its amazing filtering system you can easily find your favorite movie. The best part about PutLockers8 is that it is fully responsive and you can watch free movies even on your mobile or tablet. Although, the one main downside is that not all the movies are available to stream but, just go to the “only available to stream” and you will still have a good number of movies to choose from.



Although, this website for free movie streaming is limited to US viewers but, there are ways by which you can access it from anywhere. Hulu is immensely popular and apart from offering free movie streams, it also allows to stream TV shows completely free of cost. The database is big and the quality offered by Hulu is also up to mark.

New Movies Online


If you are looking for a free website to watch movies online, New Movies Online is the website to look out for. The website is clean and easy to use. The database is updated on a regular basis and the quality is also amazing. Movies can be easily searched from the search bar. Since all the contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties, there is no need to worry about anything.

New Movies


Most of the free movies websites offer all type of movies right from the 90s to current year. However, New Movies is different. It only offers movies from 2014 to 2016 so that one can easily find his favorite movie. All the new movies are separated in a beautiful way into genres like Action, Adventure, crime, drama, romance, comedy and more.



There are many sites where you need to sign up for streaming movies online for free. However, watch-movies-online is not one of them. This site has a great collection of quality movies which are divided into three options. These three options are Cinema Movies, New Movie, and A-z Movies. The movies are also divided on the basis of the genre such as Animation, Action, Horror making it easier for you to choose your favorite movie.



There is a reason why it is called poor man’s Netflix. It is one of the most beautiful  which features over 60,000 movies. That’s not all. The number is increasing day by day thus making it more popular among the users. It also features incremental search where it allows movie filtering as soon as you start typing a letter in the search field. Another good feature is that you can also search a movie by genre, actor and title.



Most of these online movie streaming sites come with a large number of ads or pop-ups. However, Fmovies.to is different and it only offers free movie streaming, no ads, and no pop-ups. The design is unique and the website looks classic. The movies can be filtered on the basis of country, release date and genre. The best part about Fmovies.to is that you can also send requests for any movie which you wish to watch and it not present on the website. If you plan to watch HD movies for free, it is a website worth visiting.


Crackle is also a very useful free movie streaming site which does not require any sign-up or registration. Although, if you register on their website, you will get all the notification by email every time a new movie is uploaded. Another great feature is that you can create your own watch list. You can also watch TV shows on Crackle. It offers HD quality content.


HugeMoviedb is the latest addition to the ever growing list of free movie sites. Although the number of free movies offered by HugeMoviedb is less but, the quality is excellent. They are working continuously on adding more and more movies to their database. Just like above mentioned sites to watch free movies online, you don’t need to pay or create an account to watch a movie. Just visit the website, choose the movie and click on it.


Freestreamingmovies.cc is also a good online movies streaming site which allows free streaming. It features a great collection of movies which is updated from time to time. All the movies are streamed in high quality so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the movie. The best part is that is a completely free to use.


Streaming-Movies is currently one of the fastest growing free mov. 50 new movies are added to its database on daily basis. All the movies are categorized by the year of production or genre. It is also one of those free movie streaming sites which doesn’t need any registration for streaming. The website is capable of running on all devices that support Flash Player.


Wolowtube is considered as one of the best site to watch movies online free. Apart from having a clean design, it streams all the movies in HD quality. It is a kind of movie search engine and features around 30,000 movies in its database. The best part about Wolowtube is that you can enjoy the movie without any registration or sign up the process.


Why waste money on Multiplexes and DVDs when you can watch movies for free? Yes, we are talking about free movies streaming sites which allow you to watch your favorite movie on The Internet for free. WatchOnline-Movies is one of the best sites to watch free online movies. It is very much simple to use and even a newbie can use it like a pro. It has divided all the movies into 15 categories so that you can easily find the movie you are looking for. The database features around 6600 movies and also includes TV Show. The database of WatchOnline-Movies is increasing rapidly. Since there is no need for registration or any credit information, it is highly popular among users.


Popcornflix is also a popular and completely free site to stream movies online. It allows you to watch free movies without downloading them. There are over 15,000 movies in their database which keeps on increasing from day to day. All the movies are broad categories into genres like comedy, action, thrill, horror, drama etc. This classification helps in searching for a particular movie. There is no need to provide any credit card details or sign up as Popcornflix is completely free to use.


Most of the free movie streaming sites offers Hollywood movies but, NyooTV is different. NyooTV offers a great library of movies including movies from Hollywood & Bollywood. It is not limited to these two cinemas only as you can also watch Tamil, Bengali and Telugu movies. Not only movies, you can also see your favourite TV shows without ant signup or registration. It is completely free to use and offers HD quality.


Viewster is among those few free movie streaming sites which also offers anime. There is no need to download any movies as you can stream movies from genres such as Bollywood, Comedy, Drama, Kids, Horror etc. You can also watch TV shows, movie trailers and celebrity’s news on this site. All this is available on the Viewster without any registration on credit card details.


The best thing about Veoh is that it allows you to upload your content. It is a part of Qlipso which is a social content sharing company. Veoh features a huge database of movies to choose from. Besides free movies, you can stream short videos and can also listen to music online. Another good thing about Veoh is its active forum where you can discuss the movie you are streaming online.


While most of the above-mentioned sites are meant for movies Beetv is dedicated to TV shows. Beetv is one of the most popular and dependable websites to enjoy TV shows for free. The website is updated daily and its database is increasing at a good pace. Be it a TV show from NBC or from HBO or even from FOX, all television shows can easily be found on beetv. Unlike other popular websites, there is no need to become a member or create an account, all you need is to simple access the site and enjoy the TV shows.

This is just a list of top 20 free movie streaming websites but the list is long. The best part about all these sites is that all of them allows you to watch free movies online without downloading anything. Many of them are compatible with your smartphones and tablets so that you can enjoy watching movies on the go. Movies from all genres and years are available on these sites in HD quality. Although, there is no need to provide any card details or sign up but, we would suggest you to never share you card details on any free movie streaming sites. So, what are you waiting for? Bookmark your favorite site and enjoy movies for free.

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